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Our Services

We offer Various Rehabilitation Services

Our mission is to provide high quality chiropractic care, supportive therapies and nutritional weight loss solutions...

Providing skilled assessment
& intervention to help
all types of communication disorders...

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Helping Children build better self-esteem, confidence and independence in all the things they do...

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Helping children more and interact within their environment smoothly & confidently...

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Behavioral therapy can be utilized to treat a wide range of psychological conditions and disorders...

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Remedial therapy supports special children in overcoming challenges, developing their skills, and achieving their educational goals...

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About us

Faizan Rehabilitation center is an organization to help individuals with special and development needs to become self-sustaining and self-actualized in the their lives and the purpose of FRC has to help the children towards daily life and bring them normal way of living...


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    Why Choose us

    All types of Physical, Neurological & Psychological condition (Austism ADHD mental retardation down syndrome cerebral palsy hearing impaired speech language disarder , sensory processing disorder)

    Our outstanding team is here to help you reach your healthcare goals